Commentary — 26 July 2011

Evidently Taylor Long didn’t have the requisite credits, due in part to claiming a “class” at New Birth.

C’mon y’all!  C’mon!

How did the Long family NOT know this was going to happen?!


The DeKalb County School System is investigating whether proper procedure was followed when the daughter of a prominent pastor was nearly allowed to graduate from high school this spring without the necessary credits.

Rodney Jenkins, a spokesman for the system who described the investigation as “ongoing,” declined to identify the student.

But someone familiar with the investigation but not authorized to identify the student told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the student was the daughter of Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Channel 2 Action News, the AJC’s reporting partner, cited others in identifying the student as Long’s daughter.

Jenkins said on the last day of school interim Superintendent Ramona Tyson received an anonymous tip that a student who did not meet all the requirements marched during earlier graduation services at Arabia Mountain High School. The tip was incorrect because the student did not march and lacked a credit to graduate, he said. Tyson asked the state Board of Education to examine the student’s transcript and the class in question to see whether it met the curriculum standard. It did not.

“We were more concerned about our processes and making sure that all the processes were followed correctly,” Jenkins said.

The student later went to summer school and has since been awarded a diploma, he said.

A spokesman for the Long family issued a statement but did not confirm that Long’s daughter was involved.

“We are proud of our daughter who fulfilled her graduation requirements and has enrolled into an institution of higher learning to continue her education,” it said.


Mo’Kelly’s question is…why did it even come down to ONE class?  For the one pseudo class at New Birth to become the difference graduating and not graduating, Taylor must have been a barely marginal student in the first place.

That simply should not happen and there should have been a parent or college counselor at the high school to intervene.

Guess not…

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  • Lynn

    I’ll cut her some slack due to being a teen.

    • I don’t blame her…not totally. But again, a parent or counselor should have been up on her credits. When I was in high school 25 years ago they had a counselor review your credits before the last semester to make sure you were on track to graduate. I would have to assume that Taylor was attending a decent school given her father’s status.

      I just don’t understand how this could happen.

  • Jerry

    The girl is a child and she does not deserve to be ridiculed and embarassed this way.

    If this was any other child it would be a non-issue.

    Trust me — I am not defending the charlatan Eddie Long or anything he has done but i do defend innocent children.

    • Who exactly are you referring to because I never ridiculed “the child” who very well might be 18 already.

      Please elaborate…there is a huge difference from making mention OF SOMEONE’S CHILD, as opposed to making mention of a child/minor. It was a story in the AJC…meaning it is very much worthy of commentary.

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