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Finish the nursery rhyme however you like, but in the final analysis it is clear that Long and Dollar are more concerned with protecting the livelihoods of one another than the souls of those in their respective congregations.

Bishop Eddie Long, fresh off writing a fat check to his four accusers and signing a non-disclosure agreement was back in the pulpit, asking his congregation for donations upwards of $1,000 to help fund the supposed expansion of New Birth westward to Denver.

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No contrition or apology for dragging the name of the church through the mud for the last nine months; just an appeal for more money. No public acknowledgment of the sacrifices made by the remaining members who had to endure the embarrassment having nothing to do with them. No humility whatsoever…just a plea for more money.

This…having nothing to do with the reality that the previous tithes and offerings would help pay in part the settlement with the four accusers.

And can we officially stop calling them “accusers” now? Bishop Eddie Long it would seem forfeited any claim to innocence the moment he opened up his check book. He had the option of clearing his name in court but instead thought it more prudent to pay for it all to go away.

They are no longer accusers.

To the victors go the spoils and to the members of New Birth…you get the gas face.

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Long is going to keep his private jet, his Bentley and other symbols of excess while his members pay for the settlement, his increased insurance premiums and the expansion of New Birth to Denver. The cost of maintaining a private jet alone could fund a dozen churches. The cost of a Bentley is more than the budgets of many moderately sized churches for an entire year.

Nevertheless, Long wants his remaining members to dig deep into their pockets to help “expand” the church, while he does absolutely nothing.

New Birth members get the gas face.

Eddie Long clearly doesn’t love the Lord or his members. If you stay under the ministerial leadership of Bishop Eddie Long, you deserve all of the future mistreatment coming your way. The Lord gave you better sense than that. You simply refuse to use it. At this point, it’s a “you” problem, not an Eddie Long one.

Sometimes “free will” is awfully expensive when one makes poor choices.

Creflo and Eddie sitting in a tree…

Speaking of Creflo…

By now, most readers have seen the recent sermon by fellow Atlanta megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar, in which he admonished believers who may have defected from New Birth, yet ended up at Dollar’s church. If former New Birthers were unclear or unsure whether they traded one demon for another…Dollar made it abundantly clear.

Instead of opening the doors to the church for those wounded in heart and spirit…he cast them out as traitors to Bishop Long.  And oh yeah, says Long has “insurance.”  He must mean Geico because the Blood comes with the caveat of confession of sins, not cash settlements for them.

Let’s see if Mo’Kelly has this right…

Anyone who leaves New Birth due to the lawsuit and settlement surrounding Eddie Long is out of order? Pedophilia, adultery, sodomy, sexual predatory predilections…etc. but the wounded in spirit are in the wrong? Dollar characterized the failings of Long as “a wreck”…akin to an unforeseen, unfortunate accident, in which blame is neither important nor worthy of being pointed at Long. Dollar is clear that he loves Eddie Long more than the Lord or anyone in search of salvation.

Creflo and Eddie sitting in a tree…

What more do people need to see?

Such admonition is unbiblical, unconscionable and the method employed is nothing short of unbelievable. Ignore the victims and then blame the very people responsible for footing the bill for the actions of Eddie Long? Eddie Long is now being treated unfairly by his congregation?


Creflo and Eddie sitting in a tree…

The admission and admonition by Creflo Dollar say volumes. The admission that Eddie Long was out of order and “wrong” in these circumstances can not and should not be ignored. Neither can the subsequent admonition of defectors in light of the “wreck.” In the video Dollar is clear that Long is his “friend” and that he will have his back until the wheels fall off. Such a stance suggests that Dollar is more than mildly acquainted with Long and his tendencies. If he knows Long…then he knows Long. Dollar can’t have it both ways.

There was no rebuke of the behavior…only the believer. What more do you need to see?

There is no acknowledgment of the pain Eddie Long inflicted, only chastising those who are rightfully in pain. Do y’all get it yet?

Creflo and Eddie, sitting in a tree…

Creflo Dollar and Eddie Long neither love the Lord nor the souls in their care. They are clear that they are only about the business of guarding the other’s business. You can either recognize this for what it is, or you can pull out your check book and help New Birth expand to Denver.

And for your troubles, maybe Eddie Long will let you wash his private jet before he flies to Denver.

Clearly, Dollar has more than just passing knowledge of his “friend” and his “issues.” He freely admits Long’s failings and justifies them in the same breath…nary a word in rebuke of the behavior. How he is able to reconcile the two is anybody’s guess. Nevertheless, it is a clear signal that Dollar is complicit in the behavior of Eddie Long.

You can’t acknowledge the deviant behavior and also not condemn it as a leader in the church.  Instead Dollar condemned the believers who sought spiritual balance elsewhere.

See it for what it is.

One has to wonder whether Dollar is next to suffer a “wreck” or is somehow connected to Long’s “wreck.” It warrants asking the question.

In the meantime, it is clear who Dollar loves…

Creflo and Eddie, sitting in a tree…

Take that however you wish. Just know that neither loves you or the Lord.

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  • Gua

    I should have known that you were on this!!! Pulpit pimps!!! There is nothing more to be said, your eloquence speaks loudly.

  • Rev Mike J

    The audacity of a so called shepherd to admonish the people of the church in defense of a fallen pastor!!! The higher the responsibility the higher the accountability..thus the further the fall. These two men are a disgrace to ministry!

  • Noladarling

    An abomination. Period. There is definitely enough grace and mercy in the blood for any heinous act committed by Eddie Long or any other person seeking forgiveness for sins, but when does his accountability as a pastor of a congregation come into play? Is this any different from ethical questioning? If Bill Clinton was brought up on impeachment charges for one lewd admonition, why should we sweep four allegations under a rug, or ask our fellow brethren to do so?!?!?! Matthew 7:1-29. This is so deeply disturbing, the body of Christ should be in an uproar.

  • Patricia Higgs

    Praying that Creflo Dollar get his act together. And stop making excuse. For Eddie Long.

  • There are many other reasons why New Birth, or at least its vetting process, is problematic. The handling of the foundation and the mortgage scam come to mind.

  • Mo Kelly, this is about grace and forgiveness. Understand that. The forgiveness and grace of Almighty God. God tells us to forgive, so that we shall be forgiven. And IF WE DO NOT FORGIVE, THEN WE SHALL NOT BE FORGIVEN – (Mark 11:26) Yes, it is understandable that some of those believers attending Bishop Eddie Longs church would leave due to this “wreck” that he had. But it is ALSO just understandable that Creflo Dollar would pick his brother in the Lord up, and stand up and remind the body of Christ that forgiveness is paramount. A commandment even. Yes, a reminder to the body of Christ that we have all had our own wrecks. Even the wrecks in our future. And that we have ALL been forgiven for those wrecks. By the one who paid the ultimate price for all of us, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ our advocate, the resurrection and the life, the author and finisher of our faith. Jesus Christ, who has not and will not abandon us in our “wrecks” and will not abandon Bishop Eddie Long. Jesus Christ who also forgives YOUR wrecks Mo Kelly. SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN. Let us all heed (Matthew 18:21-35)

    • Hey “Man of Faith”…I am aware that you are the same person as “One Voice.” Respect the MKR Penal Code or begone.

  • Forgiving is separate and distinct from repentance. Forgiving is what we do. Repentance is what is required of him (Long).

  • And characterizing Long’s behavior as a wreck is a lie of biblical proportions for all the reasons listed in the piece. It wasn’t an “accident” it was a pattern of abuse.

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