Commentary — 12 May 2011

UPDATE: The Mo’Kelly Report spies were right…IT’S GOING TO TRIAL!


ATLANTA — It appears the parties in the Bishop Eddie Long sexual misconduct lawsuit are no longer close to settling the case.  The judge in the case now says he is preparing for a trial in the fall.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones talked to an expert mediator who said this is not unusual.”Sometimes when you think you got something resolved, something will come up,” Mediator Elmer Gobel said.

It was Easter week when the judge in the case said the parties engaged in a marathon mediation session and came out of it close to a settlement.Judge Johnny Panos said back then:

“They’ve resolved a lot of major issues and there’s a few fine details that need to be worked out.”Now Panos said he is preparing for a trial in August or September. He wouldn’t say why he no longer believes the two sides are close to a settlement.

Full story and video HERE.

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