Commentary — 17 March 2011

Mo’Kelly was going through his daily routine of news gathering on issues both

large and small when he came across this HIGHLY, HIGHLY “ODD” piece of information.

In doing a Google search for web items related to “Eddie Long 2011,” of course a trail of stories from The Mo’Kelly Report appears.  That is to be expected.

There are sites which run advertisements, promoting their content which pops up related to the parameters of your search.  The featured advertisements usually appear at the top.

That’s the normal part to all of this.  Here comes the abnormal part.

On this occasion the “ad” which popped up was the following:

So of course Mo’Kelly followed the link to view “”…where allegedly you can get “the latest on Eddie Long scandal.”

It takes you to New Birth’s website. ( shows in the URL, but it’s NEW BIRTH’S WEBSITE.  It’s not uncommon for multiple URLs to lead to the same website, but it IS UNCOMMON for an organization connected to four sexual coercion lawsuits to use that as a center point of promotion to generate website hits!

Now for the obvious questions…

Domain registration – is registered to:



Domain servers in listed order:
———- is registered to: (drumroll please)

Domain ID:D1156260-LROR
Created On:17-Mar-1996 05:00:00 UTC
Last Updated On:01-Oct-2010 23:38:41 UTC
Expiration Date:18-Mar-2012 05:00:00 UTC
Sponsoring, Inc. (R91-LROR)
Registrant ID:CR31333885
Registrant Name:Tracy Reddick
Registrant Organization:New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
Registrant Street1:6400 Woodrow Road
Registrant City:Lithonia
Registrant State/Province:Georgia
Registrant Postal Code:30038
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.7706969600

Here’s the smoking gun

Additionally, in September of 2009, Ephren Taylor, unsolicited, offered to introduce New Birth to TMH Telemedia Services, Inc. of Jacksonville, Florida to assist with its media buys. Subsequently, New Birth and TMH entered into a three month contract dated September 25, 2009 to facilitate a limited arrangement with Black Entertainment Television to broadcast a New Birth ministry television program.”

Link HERE.

Or check out TMH’s twitter feed…

Evidently that contract hasn’t expired.  Eddie Long and New Birth are USING the scandal to promote its website, businesses and the New Birth name.  Lord hammercy!

Since when did it become okay for a “ministry” to promote its own 4-lawsuit SEX SCANDAL for monetary gain? Not only that, when you visit “” there’s no mention of scandal at all…just products and pleas for giving.  False, deceptive and immoral advertising.  Great job New Birth.

A Worldwide Exclusive from The Mo’Kelly Report, the ONLY media outlet to report this information!

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  • He probably got the idea from Ira Hilliard who took out an ad when his step daughter bashed their church.

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  • Baba Kifo

    That is Hilarious, in a bad way.

  • GB


    I study my bible a lot and there is one thing that I do know about Jehovah, he does not care for this type of influence, giving the media all of this attention on his time is considered an abomination. Give in to all of this madness and give those people what they want so that you can move forward with the lord’s work. If you keep this up you will find yourself out of his ministry and out of his love, stuck in a jail cell somewhere trying to prove that the devil is a liar. You know he (satan) is not going to tell the truth. He has caught up with a Christian and he will ride this ride until the wheels fall off. I just read that you had a first wife and there were abuse allegations? You have been defeated in the past but Jehovah is a good god. He has forgiven you in the past and he will forgive you again if need be. But you have to remember who you are serving and what kind of work the lord has really left for you to do. It’s not the work you are defending today. Let go of those demons and ask for forgiveness for whatever you may have done. You and I both know something has gone wrong. With all that is going on in the world how could you selfishly spend the lords time in vain. And besides, that courtroom is bad news and you know this as well as I do.

  • This is interesting but didn’t Eddie Long and the New Birth church recently sue Ephren Taylor because he mislead the congregation into errant investments?????

    Not defending Bishop Long at all….. I’m just sayn….

    • Yes, we’ve already touched upon Taylor here. You can’t pin an “introduction” on the business practices going forward. If I introduce you to Wells Fargo bank corporate and you decide to go into business and use deceptive business practices, that’s on you, not me.

  • nikki

    i’m a lil bit confused. please clarify if u will how is it they r using the scandal 2 profit. perhaps my intellectual juices have not yet begun 2 flow but please enlighten. on another note i think eddie long is despicable, a pervert and should buried 6 feet under the ground in a ditch somewhere. and if he has a wife she’s a fool for staying with him. and the insolent wretch above who wrote about eddie long “doing God’s work” get a freaking clue. eddie long is nothing more than an agent of the devil.

  • OutSpoken

    Jason Freeman of TMH Telemedia should be looked into. His business integrity and industry reputation from what I’m told is not good at all. He too needs to be exposed. Ask around. Dig deeper.

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