Commentary — 01 February 2011

THIS JUST IN: Steve Harvey slated to be intervied by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. This is about to get really, really ugly. Or uglier…

In Mo’Kelly’s editorial yesterday, he admonished both Steve and Mary to “cool it” or the jokes would follow.  A Mo’Kelly spy sent word (and schedule) of Mary’s SLEW of interviews (radio and print) lined up to continue both the mess and madness of it all.

Steve and Mary…get it together and quickly or the next editorial will be open season on both of you and it will be nothing nice. The “Family Feud” jokes will still be funny next week…VERY funny and very unforgiving.

– Mr. Mo’Kelly

Mo’Kelly warned y’all.  This is a warning salvo across your bow people.  The next one will be a direct hit.  This comes compliments of Mo’Kelly’s in-house graphic artist…or something like that…Bootane Bootus.

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