Commentary — 12 January 2011

For those out there who sometimes think Mo’Kelly hasn’t been at this “writing” thing long, from time to time you have to pull out some of the more vintage pieces and set the record straight.

Mo’Kelly didn’t just begin typing simultaneous  to the advent of web logs.

Check out the editorial Mo’Kelly did for the Los Angeles Times back in 1998 on the movie Ride.  It’s too bad some of the points made then almost 13 years ago would fit rather nicely in 2011.

Mo’Kelly has been at this “writing thing” for quite some time.  Mo’Kelly has been an advocate for positive imagery for quite some time.

Just puttin’ that out there for the semi-frequent emailers alleging Mo’Kelly is only about “making a name for himself.”  You know who you are.

This is what Mo’Kelly does and has done for the better part of 15 years…and done well.

Click HERE.

And for those who may not remember the movie…here’s a clip.  Check out the GAS PRICES back in 1998!

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