Commentary — 10 August 2010

For those who may not remember actress Maia Campbell, she was prominently featured on the sitcom In the House, starring LL Cool J.  And believe you me, Mo’Kelly had a SERIOUS crush on Campbell.  We shared the same birthday, hung out at the same clubs (even the lesbian ones…yes Mo’Kelly has some good stories to share one day about Club Peanuts [aka “Club 7969”], stories which include Maia, Queen Latifah and others.  It’s not slander when it’s true.  FIRSThand accounts.

For those unfamiliar with the Los Angeles club scene, “Peanuts” was a LEGENDARY women-only club.  Mo’Kelly was allowed in because he worked in the music industry and delivered wax for the DJs and did promotional giveaways there.  On another side note, the worst fistfights Mo’Kelly ever witnessed were in this club.  Them women didn’t play!)

But Mo’Kelly digresses.

As they say, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.  Once upon a time, Mo’Kelly would have given his left…uh…um…”arm” to get with Maia Campbell.

Luckily, somebody above knew better and kept Mo’Kelly safe from himself.  Ladies and gentlemen, Maia, who has disappeared and reappeared depending on whether she was in jail, rehab, (allegedly) on the stroll or some sordid combination of all three has re-emerged.  Well sorta…she was arrested on July 5th and has remained in jail/rehab unable to meet bail.  Reportedly her next court date is tomorrow Wednesday.

Sad tale and it will only have one ending as nobody has successfully intervened.  Maia Campbell…a NOT crack-free zone.

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  • Her mother bent over backwards to help that girl but she won't take her medicine.

  • Missy

    Her mugshot looks horrible!! The only good thing to come out of this is that she’s in jail and now forced to go cold turkey. Individuals with Bipolar disease have a very high rate of suicide and self medication. It’s apparent that everybody in the hood know who she is and take pleasure in degrading this once beautiful young lady. I remember when I wanted to be like her, attend a HBCU, pledge Delta SIgma Theta, and work in the business. I agree with Mr. Kelly, be careful what you ask for and thank GOD that he doesn’t give in.

    Side note: I never knew she was a lesbian. Wasn’t she married and has a child?? Although you didn’t say it Mo, I can still read between the lines……lol

  • D

    Maia's story is a truly sad a cautionary tale…one that I'm sure contributed to her Mother's untimely passing…

    On an other side note: The stories about Club Peanuts…are you saving those for your book?

    • mrmokelly

      My stories I don't think they will ever see the light of day…unless I wish to blackball myself from the industry altogether.

  • D

    Darn…I had a feeling you were going to say that…lol…

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