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Ruth Major


Per the attached ruling, Alpha Kappa Alpha must produce a person TOMORROW 7.13.10 at 9:00am  with custody of the check registers or be held in contempt!

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Attorney Ruth Major is at the center of two cases confronting Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.  The first is the wrongful termination of former employee Kenitra Shackelford and the other is serving as counsel for former Supreme Basileus Julia Brogdon Purnell in her fight to get AKA to open up its books and records for review.

This week marks the biennial Boule and before the doors close to the public, The Mo’Kelly Report is going to set it off one last time for you the listeners to get the real deal.  Despite how many times I’ve reviewed the documents and interviewed participants, I learn something new each time and blown away.  Today is no different.  I’ll let Ruth Major speak for herself.  But it is in a word…incredible.

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Mo’Kelly Interviews Carol Ray (one of the 8 Plaintiffs)

Mo’Kelly Interviews Kenitra Shackelford

Mo’Kelly Interviews Ed Gray, Counsel for  ‘Weeping Ivy 8′

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  • Von 08

    Mo..Your interview with Ms. Majors stirred deep emotions in me. When Ms. Majors discusssed the credit card charges I began to tear up and at the same time I felt sick. We all take great pride in our organizations. To hear just part of the abuse BAM and her minions have perpetrated is beyond shocking. Ms. Majors said "Alpha Kappa Alpha is at a crossroads" I am so proud of the sorors who are in St Louis to stand up to this evil tyrant BAM. Mo as always I thank you for providing in depth information.

  • Chelle

    Mo, thanks for this interview and your support of Alpha Kappa Alpha. As a member Alpha Kappa Alpha I've always believed from the start if there is nothing to hide then turn over the books. I hope the judge's ruling Monday will get the attention of those sorors who refuse to notice the truth and realize our sorority is at a crossroads. We cannot continue business as usual just bury our heads in the sands.

    Truth will prevail. Thank God for Soror Julia Purnell.

  • The "link" to this interview along an appropriate cover needs to be spread through everybody's email address book.

    People get ready, there's a train a-coming.
    Don't need no ticket, just get on board.

    Were I the judge I would "shut down the boule" in St. Louis and require the personal appearance of the entire directorate for a bit of "shock therapy" by requiring their overnight on-site residence in the Cook county jail.

    And that would be the second shot heard 'round the world?

    Aren't we glad this little old colored lady isn't in charge??

  • jayjay

    This interview needs to make the mass media circuit asap. Those members fighting for the cause who are in route to the boule need that support. Something needs to spark concern and outrage of the majority of the members who've hidden their heads in the sands (yes, pun intended). Rumors are ( I have no idea if they're true or not) that McKinzie and board of directors will recommend that Purnell and the WI8 be expelled this week. Handcuffs on either the executive director or the president for that matter would mortify the rest of leaders and I bet they would not be so quick to expel anyone. What's the old saying about digging a grave for someone else??

  • Edda R.

    The latest, according to the weeping ivys, is that those eight have been sent letters to the effect that charges would be withdrawn if each pays about $60K in restitution for the legal bills.

    I do not have to make up this stuff. Go ahead and read it for ooneself……………….

    I see the need for informational picket lines, but don't know if AKAs are that brave.

    Should I put "Percy Green" on speed dial? I have been after him to develop a poweerpoint on the do's and donuts of sidewalk politicking.

    Both of us are local, here in the Gateway to the West………

    • We'll find out very, very soon what will happen in St. Louis. If there is an arrest…it's a moot point. If there is another delay, it will be incumbent upon the membership body to make a stand. McKinzie does not have the power to throw anyone in jail for "defying" her…so it's just a matter of who wishes to set it off in St. Louis. I've done all I can do at this point.

      Be very clear everyone…the D9 is watching and what happens this week will inevitably affect what happens in the rest of our organizations. This will be the blueprint used for addressing financial malfeasance within organizations both big and small. Because of the internet, this information can be made available to the body. Just 4 years ago such a movement would simply not be possible, fewer members online, less attention paid to non-mainstream media. This fight has been kept alive because of the FOTWI website and their ability to post documentation for all to see.

      This could forever change how non-profits do business if they plan to shirt their responsibilities of transparency.

  • Edda R.

    MoKelly be modest when he says he has done all he can from where he sits.

    He "could" forward the local email contacts in HIS book so I can spread the information locally……………


    • I'm already all over that…can forward them but it would be redundant… I've contacted all the Shicago area and St. Louis media and there is another media plan in the works that I shouldn't comment on publicly.

  • Diamond1908

    Mo, thx for all of your assistance to our beloved sorority. BAM doesn't represent the vows that I took over twenty-one years ago. May God watch over and protect us from her evil.

  • Von 08

    Mo There was a post on the Weeping Ivy site that really connects with what you said today..The post referenced in part your interview with Soror Carol Ray. She said that the members have a hard time expressing dissent. Because that is considered "unladylike" and none of the members want that label. The post said BAM knows this and will use it to keep control. The post also mentioned unorthodox methods to use if BAM shuts down any talk that brings change even from delegates who are using the conventional, right procedure. Some of the unconventional methods were boycott, handing out ino fliers picketing etc. All of these are actually I think methods of peaceful protest used by Dr. Kung. Dr.King was inspired by Mahatma Ghandi who originated this type of protest. The post that followed stated this type of behavior would not get any sympathy from the members. It also alluded to boycotts picketing would appear like "thuggish behavior" intended to disrupt the conference. The poster said the best thing the members could do is to stay in the sessions and just continue to use the conventional methods to make their points. I agree with you totally. EVERYONE is watching to see how we will react. I believe that I'm a lady but I'd resort to other means of protest if BAM continues to shut down free speech. I'd rather see ten sorors picketing peacefully than see one thousand members sitting quietly while BAM talks trash. I don't know what will happen at the Boule. What is the expression "hope for the best but pe
    epare for the worse"

  • no one special
  • Edda R.

    We must remember that the reason for the break from AKA that lead to DST had to do with activism (or at least that's the public reason) and it was the Reds that marched with the suffragettes.

    During the era of Civil Rights it would have been unlikely that the ladies of AKA ever took part in any public activism but more likely were behind the scenes as fund raisers.

    Pink tea, anyone?

  • Thanks, I hope we get media coverage on Monday. I know for a fact that a young man came to National on two different days and one day Derorah Dangerfield (Excutive Director) instrusted yhe young man to take the Court Order to Alpha Kappa Alpha's lawyer. The second vist the Human Resource Director refused to accept an basically said the same thing. I hope they all get locked up!

  • Von 08

    love..Meanwhile in St. Louis BAM is showing the public what a great leader she is. There was a post about the praise she was given during the public meeting. It is amazing to watch this dual picture of BAM playing out at the same time. I'm hoping there will be media coverage too. But I want coverage that will show what we are concerned about. I don't want to see the big color picture of BAM at the gala receiving her diamond SB pin. Nor do I want to see House-Stewart, Sample-Oates, and Doty in their designer gowns taking their oaths of office!!!!

  • Kiah

    Mo, Is it possible to post this interview on Youtube? My co-workers and I are unable to access it at work! Thanks!

    • Yes, but I wouldn't be able to do so until this evening most likely.

  • Kiah

    Hi Mo, Any luck posting the interviews?

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