Commentary — 14 July 2010

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Chicago Sun-Times continues to follow story with a 7.14.10 Update HERE.

“Cook County Judge Daniel Riley’s order came after the Chicago-based organization’s Deborah Dangerfield appeared in court and told him that most of her staff is in St. Louis, including the people she needs to pull together the records.

Riley was unmoved, noting that this was the second day in a row he had ordered whoever is in charge of the group’s records to appear in court — and the second day that didn’t happen.

‘They didn’t bring me the person I asked for twice,” the judge said.'”

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  • StrongIvy

    Bam needs to get off her fat ass and go handle her business. Period.

  • StrongIvy

    And I meant that in the most sisterly way. 🙂

  • Righteous Zeta

    I hope she goes to jail right along with "OUR BARBARA AND THE MULE SHERYL UGLYWOOD".

  • Chi Town Diva

    Let's be honest, clinically we are dealing with someone who has a narcissitic personality. BAM has exalted herself to such high standards that even she believes she is above the law. When you encounter people like that just know that they are extremely dangerous and will do anything to have their personal needs met. Bernie Madoff was untouchable for years until his own son dropped a dime. Charles Keating currently serving time for white-collar crimes. BAM is no different. Greed has always been the downfall of men and women. I'm not in St. Louis, but I hear the rumblings are getting louder and people are sick and tired of the smoke screen. a

  • notyouraverageaka

    Do the actions of these people make you feel like they have nothing to hide? On the contrary, if the transactions that McKinzie has made during her tenure and if she is so proud of the fine financial expertise she has shared with the sorority, why wouldn’t she be proud to show that to the world. She is not proud because she knows that her complete criminal behavior and activities will soon be on display to the entire world and her legacy to AKA will be one of guilt and shame. I think she has some serious mental issues and she needs to face that fact and deal with it. So dear Barbara, woman up and take your medicine. You earned it.

    • A person of innocent mind acts accordingly. A person “wrongly” accused would hasten to clear his/her name by any means available. But instead, BAM put the organization in contempt of court and in greater peril with the IRS and other governing agencies.

      And still, BAM has yet to DISPROVE anything set forth by the plaintiffs. In civil judgments the standard of proof is preponderance of evidence. The evidence provided against BAM has been OVERWHELMING. It is not enough to simply verbally deny, she has to DISPROVE the mountain of evidence against her. She instead in effect told the courts to kiss her a$$. Not the actions of an innocent woman. That aside, the evidence still speaks for itself, regardless of whether BAM has anything to say in response to it. The transactions are what they are.

  • StrongIvy

    Just heard that the 8 members of AKA that brought this to light, have been expelled.

  • StrongIvy

    UPDATE: They have not been officially expelled, but will probably not be able to stop it. Sad.

  • fyi

    info is in about the findings of the financial records…..

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