Commentary — 21 April 2010

And there’s PLENTY more where these came from.  How immigration, communism, marxism and Kenya apply to a “principled” opposition on HEALTH CARE…Mo’Kelly isn’t sure.  But yes, the Tea Party isn’t racist and Mo’Kelly resents the implication.  They are not racist and y’all should stop insinuating they are.

You have no evidence to suggest they are (racist).  These pictures actually are all leftist plants, both young and old.  They’re emailing, faxing and using crayons with reckless abandon, all intent of smearing the good name of the Tea Party.  The Liberal Left is hiring children to create and stand beside signs which “wrongly” paint the Tea Party as racist and xenophobic.  And until you can show Mo’Kelly any evidence that these photos are real, Mo’Kelly isn’t buying.



Or how about this from New York gubernatorial and Tea-Party backed candidate Carl Paladino?!

The Huffington Post uncovered this…click HERE




Nothing to see here ladies and gentlemen…all just a coincidence, misunderstanding and an elaborate conspiracy smear-campaign by the Liberals to discredit the Tea Party.  Negroes disperse, let’s keep this area clear…keep it moving…nothing to see.

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