Commentary — 28 April 2010

Julia Brogdon Purnell

On May 3, Ruth Major attorney for former Supreme Basileus Julia Purnell will be in court to support an injunction to force a forensic audit of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s books.  If the name Ruth Major sounds familiar, it’s because she’s also the attorney representing former employee Kenitra Shackelford in her wrongful termination case against the sorority.

In other words, the walls are closing in on Barbara A. McKinzie.  For those who’ve asked, Mo’Kelly doesn’t have any other information on the ongoing IRS investigation of the sorority.  It’s not likely any public information will be released unless indictments are made against the sorority or other responsible parties.  Below you find the court documents surrounding the May 3 court date.

Document one HERE

Document two HERE

Document three HERE

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  • Kaye

    I will be there front and center at the Daley Center with bells on! BAM better hope like hell I don't rally folks to be armed with signs outside court so the whole world can see her for the monster she really is. People can say what they want about Chicago, but BAM don't have those "connects" and political pull here. She is a nobody in Chicago and she will find this out come May 3rd.

  • SP
  • Moi

    SP, this has NOTHING to do with BAM and her misdeeds. Just a FYI in case you weren't trying to be messy.

  • sp

    Ummm…bills not getting paid at the Ethel H. Lyle academy, which has contributed to one of the reasons the school IS closing. Bam continuing to spend the money of her sorority like it grows on trees, money that could have went towards saving the school…your right there is no connection. SMH

  • Moi

    you should be SMH at the fact that YOU'RE (meaning YOU ARE) trying to throw shade about an educational institution and don't know the difference between YOUR AND YOU'RE. Are you sure you aren't an EHL Academy Alum?????

    The school is not a NATIONAL project, so national funds would not have likely gone to save it. It was spearheaded by a single chapter in the area. However, there has been a lot of back and forth as far as the management of the school, so even the chapter may not be totally to blame for getting bills paid. See how wonderful it is to actually know what YOU'RE talking about before you speak?

    • I'm not taking sides in this discussion because I'm really not in the know on it. But I do know that I ALWAYS appreciate when someone knows and appreciates the difference between "you're" and "your"…

      I'm just sayin'…

      Carry on.

  • SP


    Please know that I do know and understand the difference between you're and your. It’s called a mistake. Something that people make from time to time because as much as we would like to think we are perfect, the truth is we are not. I should have read over what I sent before I hit the reply button. Now, push that aside so we can get to the REAL issue…. Never did I state that the school was a NATIONAL PROJECT and believe me I am aware of the circumstances surrounding the closing contrary to what you ASSume. Any foundations, rec centers, assisted living facilities, Schools, etc. that are done in the name of XYZ organization are linked to the organization. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER IT WAS STARTED BY THE CHAPTER or the directorate, it was done in the name of AKA and hopefully is providing SERVICE. My providing a link to the story had nothing to do with "throwing shade" or being "messy". There is enough messiness going on already! Hell, if its public info, it’s up for discussion. Yes, I am well aware that there is more than one factor that led to the school closing; hence I stated that in my first post. Be less concern with whether I am a former student of the school and more about why some that "service to all mankind" money could not be used to solve SOME of the issues going on. Better yet, be concerned about the children that now have to go get an education elsewhere because business wasn't handled well. Heck, the school year hasn't even ended. A school named for a founder of AKA, in her hometown that BEARs a trademarked symbol of the org…hmmm. I wonder how many members are aware of the closing. Now that is messy. Anyway, kudos to Julia Brogdon Purnell for doing what REAL members do, handle business.

  • I Love to Shop

    While the Ethel H. Lyle Academy may have been initiated by a local AKA chapter who had a church underwrite the expenses for the academy, when funding problems started to occur BAM/AKA Corporate Office should have stepped in and sponsored the school. Someone from AKA Corporate Office should have been on the Board of Director of this academy from day one, but I guess AKA Directive was too busy cruising in Mexico. It is embarrassing to allow the academy to close before the official end of the school year. BAM indicated in a recent press release that a library was supposed to be donated by the AKA Corporate office at the Boule this summer to the academy. I wonder what will happen to the library donation money. That money could have been used to help save the academy. If a representative of BAMs was coordinating an effort to donate a library at the academy they should have known that the academy was having financial problems. This is just more negative press for AKA. The impact of this school closing before the official end of the school year will have severe impact on the students who attended the academy. It would not surprise me to discover that BAM has taken out all of equity on AKA Headquarters.

  • notyouraverageaka

    Moi– Lighten up! When you are blogging or responding on websites like this, you don't expect to have your comments "proofread". I understood what SP meant and gave her the benefit of the doubt with the "your" and "you're" piece. With all the madness going on within our organization I find your comments a little condescending and petty. Again, lighten up and get a grip!

  • I Love to Shop

    Mo – What happened to the WI8 website?

  • I Love to Shop

    Mo, Please disregard my question. The website is back up. Sorry!!!

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